Vital Water for US Homes & Schools Goes to Mideast Mega-Farms


CNN reports that Middle Eastern mega-farms are sucking up US water and causing worse drought problems in Arizona and other US states. While Arizona’s La Paz County is experiencing its worst drought in 1,200 years, as are other areas in the state and Southwestern region of the United States, foreign-owned farms growing crops requiring extensive amounts of water, such as alfalfa, are being blamed for the dry spell.

Mideast mega-farms are sucking up the groundwater. Groundwater is so vital to the dry regions of our country.

Drinking water for homes and schools is going to foreigners who own the farmland.

With the aid of a camera lowered into the town’s well, workers with the state’s water district watched the water moving, CNN reported.

The crops grown by these megafarms are eventually shipped to feed cattle and other livestock in other places around the world, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, rather than the state’s livestock.

Fondamonte storage

Almarai Company, which operates under its subsidiary, Fondomonte, in the US, owns approximately 10,000 acres of farmland in Vicksburg and is one of the biggest dairy suppliers in the Gulf. The Saudi-backed company also owns nearly 3,500 acres in Southern California, another popular mass agricultural spot in America, and uses water from the Colorado River to nurture its crops.

Foreign-owned megafarms have become somewhat of an omnipresent sight in Arizona, as they’ve expanded from around 1.25 million acres in 2010 to nearly three million acres in 2020, the US Department of Agriculture reports.

In the Midwest, farmland owned by sovereign nations has seen a fourfold increase.


Residents and officials now find themselves fighting against not only multi-million corporations but countries.

“We are literally exporting our economy overseas,” Cynthia Campbell, who is a water resources management adviser for the city of Phoenix, told CNN. “I’m sorry, but there’s no Saudi Arabian milk coming back to Southern California or Arizona. The value of that agricultural output is not coming through in value to the US.”

Politicians have sold out the country. They shouldn’t allow these sales to foreign countries unless it’s for the benefit of the US.

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1 year ago

Years back a very wise man told me to keep an eye on the Great Lakes (water levels) . . and that China was already dipping into it.

1 year ago

No Foreigner should own land in America! Especially Foreign Companies!