“Wakes up, makes coffee, opens Twitter, sees #MeToobin trending”


Jeffrey Toobin was caught with his junk out of his pants during a zoom call. The New Yorker suspended him and he took a leave from CNN to “rest.” It’s not over since he did more than expose himself.

The reason #MeToobin is trending is because some are running to his defense as if he is a victim.

Do you think Toobin can survive this? I never watch him or read anything by him so I can’t say. Personally, I never want to see his face or any part of him again.

But, but, he needs help, you know, man?

Everybody apparently masturbates on zoom work calls. Who knew? Where have I been?

Some are getting all philosophical and are referencing Occam’s Razor.

The thread has become a joke. Will Toobin ever recover? We don’t know but PeeWee Herman tried for decades after jerking off in a movie theater showing an X-rated film. I don’t feel sorry for Toobin, he is a sexual harasser, but I do feel sorry for his family.

Some Jokes

And this accusation of sexual predation…

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