WaPo-run Reagan Foundation tells Trump to stop using Reagan’s name


The Washington Post published an op-ed about The Reagan Foundation requesting the RNC and the Trump campaign to stop using Ronald Reagan’s name in fundraising. It was handled in a phone call last week and they stopped, but the Foundation might still get involved legally, according to the story. The hit piece — the usual barely-disguised opportunity to attack the President — also claimed that President Trump in the past retweeted a quote of Reagan complimenting Trump that Politifact says is false. As we said, the story was merely an opportunity.

The op-ed also included an interesting fact. Frederick J. Ryan Jr., who chairs the Reagan Foundation board, is also publisher and CEO of The Washington Post.

Trump retweeted a tweet by Larry Sabato pointing to the obvious conflict of interest, blasting the Foundation, the Washington Post, and the now-left-wing-in-the-daytime Fox News:


In another tweet, the President went after Fox News and the media for lying about the ‘protests’ and ‘demonstrations’ [which are almost entirely riots promoted by Democrats]. The ‘protests’ are violent and criminal, but the media is hiding the truth.

The ‘protests’ are performances on behalf of the Democrat Party. They are not grassroots and are aimed at destroying President Trump’s chances of re-election. Democrats have to pull out all the stops since their candidate is mentally impaired.

President Trump is absolutely correct and it’s inexcusable. One example follows, but there are too many to count.

Fox reported:

“Five Seattle news organizations were ordered by a judge Thursday to turn over unpublished photos and videos from a May 30 protest to the police department.

“King County Superior Court Judge Nelson Lee ruled the news outlets must comply with a subpoena, saying the images of videos were needed for an investigation into the alleged arson of Seattle Police Department vehicles and the theft of police-issued weapons, the Seattle Times reported.

“The media companies subpoenaed are the Times and television stations KIRO 7, KING 5, KOMO 4 and KCPQ 13. The subpoena seeks images and videos during a 90-minute span of the protest.

“Protesters damaged six police vehicles, stole equipment and set five vehicles on fire, authorities said. A loaded Glock 43 semi-automatic pistol and a loaded Colt M4 carbine rifle with a suppressor remain missing.”

Fox News reported vandalism and theft as a protest. They are a serious disappointment. The outlet keeps conservatives on at night — for now — and they aren’t as bad reporting in the daytime as other outlets. However, they are moving left and don’t bother researching or questioning much.

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