Mookie Betts kneeled during the Anthem


Mookie Betts takes a knee during the National Anthem, supported by teammates Cody Bellinger and Max Muncy. He said he’d never do it.

The Soros god BLM has won another soul.

Four years ago, Mookie Betts said he would never kneel during the national anthem because of his father, Willie, an Air Force veteran who served in Vietnam.

Nearly every player and coach from both the Dodgers and Giants took a knee before the anthem, but the 27-year-old Betts was among those who also took a knee during the Anthem.

“I wasn’t educated. That’s my fault,” said Betts, who the day prior inked a 12-year, $365 million contract extension. “I need to be educated on the situation. I know my dad served and I’ll never disrespect the flag, but there’s also gotta be change in the world, and kneeling has nothing to do with those who served our country.”

Everyone has a price, his price is $365 million. Dad would be so proud.



  1. Who is Mookie Betts and why should I G.A.S.? I don’t because whoever he is/was/will be, no one in my house will ever see him. No MLB for this household. EVER.
    And that goes of NFL AND the NBA. ALL cowards. No $$ from this household for any of them, EVER.
    It’s gonna’ be interesting when the TV contracts come up again, and the rating are in the toilet – which means the advertising revenue will be in the toilet, which means the TV contracts which pay for a TON of the $ $$ these guys get, will be in the toilet…….poor, poor players and owners…..maybe they can ALL move to China. LOTSA people there…..

    Now…..what will I do on my new free days of the week, Saturday and Sundays !???!! Y EA !!!!!!

  2. So, what’s with the loving hands of support from his teammates? If they agree with kneeling, why don’t they just kneel? Looks like they’re trying to have it both ways. “Wut? Moi? I never knelt!” Hypocrites.

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