War on Our Border with No Sense of Urgency


An agency report reveals that President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is detaining fewer than 0.2 percent of illegal aliens living across the United States. There is a war on our border, and our borders are wide open. We don’t know who is here, and they’re not leaving. These anonymous people are living among us. The lack of urgency and concern by our leaders is stunning.

CBP is holding 26,229 illegal aliens, and more than 18,500 crossed the border recently. ICE agents arrested the other 7,780.

Of those illegal aliens detained by DHS, more than 8,000 have final deportation orders, while 18,250 have not yet been ordered deported from the U.S. by a federal immigration judge, Breitbart reports.

According to Fox News, ICE’s report showed that the agency removed 72,177 illegal immigrants in FY 2022, slightly more than the 59,011 deported in FY 2021. That number, in turn, had marked a sharp drop from the 185,884 deported in FY 20 (the last full fiscal year of the Trump administration) and 267,258 in FY 2019.

The agency said those deportations included removals to over 150 countries, with about half conducted by charter flight. Among those deported were 2,667 known or suspected gang members, 55 known or suspected terrorists, and 74 fugitives wanted for crimes including rape, homicide, and kidnapping.


The Biden administration is lying to us about the safe and secure border. Right now, we have a cartel war on our border. The President of Mexico is merely facilitating the drug cartels running the country.

Mexico is now a narco nation. The US border and the drug and human trafficking business in our major cities and other areas are run by cartels. We are importing this.

Where is the urgency?

President Biden and his staff are worried about Ukraine’s borders but coordinate with cartels on our border. He is acting as if he were an enemy of the State, unwittingly or wittingly. Someone needs to realize the urgency of this and stop him.

When Biden goes to the border tomorrow, it’s unlikely he will tell the truth or address the seriousness of this problem. Biden might not be capable of sensing the urgency, but certainly, the people who manage him can see it.

As Brandon Judd said, everything Biden does is political [Left].

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