Update on Severely Wounded Cops Labeled Murderers By Stony Brook Univ. Professor


Update on Severely Wounded Cops Labeled Murderers

By Stony Brook Univ. Professor


by James S. Soviero


This is an update of an Independent Sentinel story that chronicled the clueless, disgusting comments made by a Stony Brook University professor about the near-fatal stabbing of two Suffolk County Police Officers. 

The cops were called to an apartment on Dec. 28 where suspect Enrique Lopez was acting violently toward his roommate by threatening him with a fire extinguisher.  Upon their arrival, Lopez pulled out a knife and stabbed both officers.

One of the lawmen was able to fire their weapon and kill the knife wielder before he could inflict any more harm.  

Anna Haywood, the multi-credentialed (Ph.D. MSW and SBU School of Social Welfare), found that response outrageous.  She tweeted, “This was a wellness check — why didn’t they de-escalate the situation? Why did a man have to die? What about the man they murdered?”

Suffolk Police Officer Raymond Stock was wheeled out of Stony Brook Hospital on Friday by his fellow Officer Brendon Gallagher. (Suffolk County Police Department)

The officer whose life literally hung by a thread, Raymond Stock, emerged from Stony Brook Medical Center on Friday and was pushed by fellow Officer Brendon Gallagher, who was also stabbed in the same attack and released from the hospital last week.

Stock’s surgeon credits EMTs with saving the 26-year-old’s life and the officer’s own training and personal will to survive.  He’ll continue his recovery at home.  

Heroes Stock and Gallagher are both Army veterans who served in Afghanistan.  

Lopez had spent two years in jail after being arrested for assaulting a cop, while Haywood has an online history of being hard-left anti-police.

Surprised?  Of course not.  One did time for attacking a law officer, and the other rests comfortably in the gilded halls of academia, protected by men and women risking their lives to save overly credentialed theorists who despise them.  

To the best of our knowledge, Haywood remains at SBU and has offered no regrets for her inexcusable, calloused behavior.  

Thank God Officers Stock and Gallagher lived to return home to their families. 

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1 year ago

If this so called professor had a modicum of decency she’d resign in disgrace. Of course she doesn’t and won’t. Creatures like this should be no where near our children and youth. I hope this institution fires her forthwith. Her rants are what turn these young minds to death and destruction. I don’t know if Enrique Lopez had the opportunity to come across people in his life that tried to make him a better person but people like Haywood insure that his life will be destroyed.

1 year ago

Me thinks this know it all, professor should spend a few hours in the patrol car, answering calls with these officer’s, in the dead of night. Then let’s see how she feels.