Two Pakistani Transgenders Tortured to Death in Saudi Arabia, Then There’s the Slavery


Warning, this is a brutal story.

The country Obama and Hillary arm to the hilt, the country Hillary took tens of millions from, and the country we continue to arm, just thrashed two transgenders to death. Why are the arms not tied to their reducing their human rights’ abuses?

Let’s not forget that we are “WELCOMING” these people here without proper vetting. Obama gave Saudis special privileges so they are expedited through customs without having to go through the intense screening.

The two people slaughtered, identified as Amna, 35, and Meeno, 26, were placed in sacks and thrashed until they died.

Police officers raided a guest house and arrested 35 people, 22 are still in prison. These two people were among those arrested.

Men are not allowed to imitate women. It’s criminal.

Police recovered women’s clothing and jewelry and took those arrested into custody.

The life of a transgender is worthless to everyone in the country so no one is standing up for the 22 languishing in horrendous conditions in prison.

The Saudis are pushing for stiffer penalties – death – for gays for fear they will turn people gay. They torture and kill them anyway.

Saudis also kill migrants.

There have been cases where Indonesian maids have been set on fire and it has been labelled suicide by the police. A few months back, one Filipina woman, Irma Edloy, was raped to death by a Saudi man and once again, the police didn’t even bother arresting the Saudi beast.

It was possibly a gang rape.

An Indian maid was beaten to death not so long ago and it was covered up by the police. She even called her parents back in India begging them to save her before she ended up dead. Saudis authorities say she died of “natural causes”. The Saudi couple was not even arrested, let alone charged.

Another Saudi couple hammered 23 heated nails into Asima Khatoon, a Sri Lankan maid because she complained about the heavy workload. The Saudi couple were not charged.

One maid, Annalyn See, was brutally mauled and forced to eat her own sanitary napkin. She was frail, her face was swollen with wounds and she had bruised and broken legs. But the most disturbing sight is her staple wires lodged in her because of a large wound that had to be stitched up. It was said also that she needs to undergo an operation.

Indonesian maid Sumiati was horribly tortured. A Saudi woman cut off her lips, burned her entire body with an iron, mutilated her face and beat her so brutally that she has broken bones, internal bleeding and cannot walk. She was beaten into a coma and was completely traumatized. The Saudi woman was freed of all charges.

formerly spirited, now traumatized, 23-year old Sumiati

A Philippine maid named Fatma was burned and mutilated with scalding coffee because she didn’t make it fast enough. The Saudi woman who did it was not charged.

Then there is this: “The abuse allegedly inflicted by Wafa al-Khuraifi on Keni binti Carda includes repeated burning with an iron, forced ingestion of feces, psychological abuse and application of household cleaners to open wounds,” says the letter, obtained by the Jakarta Globe. “Mrs. al-Khuraifi also poked Keni’s tongue with a knife, pried her teeth loose and forced them down her throat”. The Saudi woman was not charged.

An Indian maid, 58-year old Kasturi Munirathinam, had her entire arm hacked off by a Saudi. The employers haven’t been arrested.

We keep hearing about slavery in the U.S. in the 1800s but no one cares about the slavery today. In fact, the same people laud these lunatics.

Slavery is also pretty normal in Saudi Arabia. The perpetrators are NEVER punished; the only “punishment” for slavery is losing their slave and being forced to pay a bit of compensation for stealing huge chunks of their lives. One maid from Sri Lanka was enslaved for 16 years.

Another was enslaved for 15 years and then murdered.

High level officials do it and rape their slaves. A housemaid was enslaved, used as a sex-slave and gang raped everyday for months by an entire family of Saudi men. One family member even started drugging the Nepali maid so he could rape her more easily. “They raped me whenever they want, whatever time of the day”.

The UN just elected Saudi Arabia to a 3-year term on its Human Rights Council in November of last year.

Rich Arabs give their family black slaves as gifts.

We have an opportunity to help control this by refusing to arm them unless they tighten up.


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