Washington gov mandates critical race training K-12 – a systemic racist program


“The legislature plans to continue the important work of dismantling institutional racism in public schools and recognizes the importance of increasing equity, diversity, inclusion, antiracism, and cultural competency training throughout the entire public school system….”

The speed at which this evil anti-American program, Critical Race Theory, is infiltrating our school systems, businesses, and the government is terrifying. It will destroy the nation. The fact that the program will destroy young minds is the most devastating aspect of this.

Voting in dictatorial, foolish, and corrupt politicians comes with a cost. Take Washington State for example.


Washington Governor Inslee signed a bill requiring Critical Race Training for public school teachers.

On May 5, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington signed Senate Bill 5044 into law, which requires Critical Race Theory (CRT) training for all school staff, board directors, teachers, and administrators in public schools across the state.

Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5044 is a K-12 monstrosity. Everyone working with children is to be trained in this racist program that sees everything through a prism of race.

While claiming they are dismantling institutional racism, they are actually incorporating systemic racism against whites into our schools.

The Washington state school directors’ association is responsible for embedding CRT throughout the standards and makes it the focus of the educational program.

This follows Inslee’s approval of Senate Bills 5227 and 5228, which requires public colleges and medical schools, respectively, to develop a CRT curriculum. SB 5228 claims to tackle “structural racism in healthcare.”

The Washington Policy Center, a free-market think tank, reviewed the trio of bills and found many troubling elements:

At public hearings, lawmakers received the following analysis about these bills.

  • Prominent black, Hispanic, and Jewish leaders are speaking out against this racial training curriculum as harmful to their children.
  • The bills violate the Washington Civil Rights Act, which provides: “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.”
  • The bills violate the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, and the 14th Amendment’s guarantee of “equal protection of the laws” to all citizens, regardless of race, ethnicity or national origin.
  • The bills violate workers’ First Amendment rights by compelling speech in mandatory training sessions, or by suppressing their legitimate views and opinions.
  • The bills would create hostile work environments in Washington’s public schools, public universities, and public medical schools.
  • The bills would promote feelings of fear, alienation, and rejection in students and teachers because official policy would judge them based on appearance rather than their work experience or abilities.

This reduces all that we are to a most unimportant feature — the color of our skin.

Washington joins several states that have mandated CRT in public education. According to Joy Pullmann, writing in The Federalist:

Entire states like Oregon, California, and New Jersey now legally mandate racist and anti-American curricula in social studies and other domains. Oregon, for example, tells social studies teachers to undermine “Eurocentrist narratives” as part of the state’s newly mandated “ethnic studies” curricula in social studies. Teachers are now required to apply race and ethnicity tests to what they teach in social studies, to “decenter whiteness” and “center the experiences and perspectives of people of color.”

Oklahoma, Idaho, Tennessee, and Florida are among the states banning or considering banning CRT altogether in public schools.

With states going in opposite directions and the Biden administration promising to create federal mandates for CRT in public schools, the war for control over public education in America seems poised to escalate.

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Molly J Kimble
Molly J Kimble
1 year ago

Identity politics ensures racism. It is means to divide.

1 year ago

This just ensures conflict in our future is inevitable and by this I mean civil war.

1 year ago
Reply to  SNOD

It does seem inevitable that race will be a factor if we have another civil war. CRT is a pile of crap, and any politician who does not know that should be kicked (literally) out of office. Start with Biden!

1 year ago

Hopefully, Harmeet Dillon will get a court to block this unconstitutional trash.

John Vieira
1 year ago

When good men do nothing…evil takes hold and predominates…Systemic stupidity and ignorance has the helm…in some places such as Oregon and the WH…