Wasserman-Schultz’s IT Tech May Have Had Access to Pelosi’s iPad


If you’ve been following the case of the Awan brothers, you know that they or some of them unlawfully accessed congressional computers. Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles Airport trying to flee the country.

Julian Assange tweeted a reminder that Pelosi’s iPad likely made it into Imran Awan’s hands.

Who knows why Imran was in possession of Pelosi’s iPad but we’d pay to see what was on that. We imagine that Imran knew many people would pay for it too.

Geraldo told Hannity that Awan might be the one who leaked the DNC emails.


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6 years ago

Consider the ramifications of Awan being the “hacker” of the DNC. First of all it pretty much destroys the Russian narrative and all subsequent investigations. Then consider the possibly that Schultz may have even known of this and thus being the reason for her retaliation against that Police Chief and the threat.

Then consider the devastating blow to the Intelligence Community, the 17 Agencies, No, the 4 Agencies, or rather the 3 Agencies along with DNI Clapper that concluded it was Russia and it was incontrovertibly their hacking that started it all. We also cannot dismiss the media in this “Conspiracy”.

If this were to play out in that way, the devastation to so many would most likely propel “the Donald” to heights unimaginable and surely a re-election never before seen.