Watch Blow-by-Blow Clips of Rittenhouse Trial For Those Who Prefer It


The John Curtis thread will give you a blow-by-blow account of the Rittenhouse clown show with prosecutors presenting no legal case whatsoever but going for the WOKE ideology instead. They show gory photos and carry on about the gun and fake video game scenarios.

In any case, Mr. Curtis’s thread is excellent if you want to just go through clips. We didn’t include all of them — only some key ones for today. Several of the clips have threads you might be interested in as the trial proceeds with the defense presenting their case following the complete flop by the prosecution.

This was during the defund the police movement and officials banning the police from doing their jobs. If you don’t have the police, people will step in to defend themselves and others.

Basically, this disgusting process is the punishment and the message. As the administration makes our world so much more dangerous, don’t you dare try to protect yourself — ya hear?

We will periodically add clips to this thread until the end of day.

The very aggressive prosecutor seems to think you can’t defend yourself unless your attacker has a bigger gun than you and you’ve been beaten to a pulp.

The testimony by the nasty, aggressive prosecutor clearly does not believe in self-defense. He’s picking apart Kyle’s defending himself as if he was supposed to react some other way. It’s nuts. I wonder if the prosecutor isn’t hurting himself. He keeps asking the same questions in different ways over and over, trying to catch Kyle saying something he can use against him.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

How unusual, to have an actual hero in America. This young man did all the right things, and reacted properly, with precision, when threatened. He shot at the last moment possible, with lightning speed. Hopefully this will encourage others to protect people and property, we saw last year that law enforcement will not do that.