Watch Malia Obama Carted Out of Lollapalooza After Dancing, Thrashing About Wildly in the Dirt


A video posted by TMZ showed Malia Obama rocking, rolling, thrashing, headbanging around in the dirt during the Killers performance at the Lollapalooza festival this past weekend. Additional footage obtained by TMZ shows her being escorted out afterwards in a golf cart looking a bit unconscious.

Malia can be seen riding in the front seat of a golf cart with two other people riding in the back. The 19-year-old has her arms folded, seemingly slouched over as she is driven out of crowds.

The time of this video is unclear, but her similar clothing and her dance partner in the back makes it plausible this golf cart escorting came after she danced around and headbanged.

Next up is the original video of Malia headbanging dance as the Killers played. She’s certainly enjoying herself.

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