Watch man grab a little boy off a NYC street in broad daylight


Update at the end

This is a horrific crime and it’s not the only one like it taking place throughout New York City. It’s probably to use the boy for sex. Is the man tied to one of the active cartels that sex traffick children? Let’s hope he’s caught and we find out,

An unknown man jumped out of the driver’s seat, ran up to the little boy, grabbed him, and shoved him into the back seat of the vehicle, the chilling footage shows.

In the video, the alert mother and another child with her are seen running over to the car pulling her son out of the window before the car can get away.

NYPD tweeted Friday, “WANTED for ATT. KIDNAPPING: On Thurs, 7/15, at 8 PM, in front of 117-02 Hillside Av in #Queens, the two perps (pictured) picked up & placed a 5 y/o victim in the back of their car. The victim’s mother retrieved her child through the window and the perp’s fled in the vehicle.”



The man, not a white supremacist, was caught.

James McGonagle, 24, of Pomonok, was charged with attempted kidnapping, reckless endangerment, and acting in a manner injurious to a child in connection with the horrifying incident in Richmond Hill on Thursday evening, the NYPD said.

McGonagle’s alleged accomplice, an older bald man photographed wearing jeans, an orange polo shirt, and sunglasses, remains at large.

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