The Take Down of the Reconciliation Monument Has Been Halted



Trump-appointed U.S. District Judge Rossie Alston has issued a restraining order halting the removal of a Confederate memorial at Arlington National Cemetery.

The memorial removal began on Monday but was halted after Alston’s order was issued.

Alston explained that the lawsuit brought forward by Defend Arlington claimed the removal of the memorial involved the disturbance of gravesites. If this is untrue, he will sanction Defend Arlington.

Original Story

Watch as the Reconciliation Monument in Arlington National Cemetary is removed. It’s a beautiful statue that stands for reunification and reconciliation between the North and South after the Civil War. The Oppressed Democrats demanded its removal.

It marks the tomb of the sculptor and three Confederate soldiers. Gov. Youngkin is disappointed and tried to save it. It’s costing $3 million to take it down and leave nothing but a base in its place. Gov. Youngkin will have it erected in New Market Battlefield State Park, 100 miles away.

The Left and the oppressed Black Lives Matter organization didn’t like the way the slaves on the monument were depicted because they said it’s not realistic. It looks too sympathetic.

This is what they hated:

No reconciliation or reunification for the Left.

The Left is very oppressed.

Tearing down statues and history is modeled after Mao, ISIS, Hitler, and all of the many tyrants who knew how important it would be to leave the nation with its history.

Think about it. The oppressed Democrats are opposed to a reconciliation monument.

The Washington Post complained that dozens of GOP tried to save it. WaPo said, “The commission found about 1,100 assets that commemorate the Confederacy, including base names and street signs, and advised the Pentagon on what should be removed or changed.” This was the last.

No matter which Democrat newspaper you read, you will see a paragraph like this:

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations that erupted nationwide after Floyd’s killing by a white police officer, coupled with ongoing efforts to remove Confederate monuments, turned the spotlight on the Army installations. The naming commission created by Congress visited the bases and met with members of the surrounding communities for input.

That is why it’s being removed. Black Lives Matter, a violent communist organization, wants it down.

So much for reconciliation. It makes sense since the removal is vendetta-driven, and the oppressed people plan to rewrite history in between erasing women, men, Republicans, and the Founding.

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