“We Are Broken Arrow!” Cartel War on the Pharr-Reynosa Bridge


There are reports of heavy gunfire on the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge today. The bridge is a major crossing point between the United States and Tamaulipas, Mexico.

The deadly shootout between the cartels and the Mexican police left multiple people injured. There are early reports that three have died.

The cartel war is on our border. These are the people pouring into our country. The border is a war zone under the control of the cartels. Biden and his Progressives are responsible.

Rep. Chip Roy said, “As one DPS agent told me – we’re at “Broken Arrow.” Congress must demand the President act – immediately.”

These cartel monsters sell children into the sex trade and kill Americans with fentanyl. We now have this here in this country. This is the fault of the progressive administration.

It’s too early to know exactly what happened, but we know that Biden must act and close the border tonight. He won’t because he has favored the cartels all along.

Can you imagine the danger all these people on the border while the DC idiots go to dinner and cocktails?

This is the beginning of the Hellfire brought to you by progressives.

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6 months ago

Why are we involved in Ukraine when we have a hot war on our Southern Border?

Ghost Gun
Ghost Gun
6 months ago

The cartels must have missed a payment to the Mexican police.