“We Don’t Have to Tolerate Pedophilia” Because a Loon “Shot Up a Gay Bar”


On his show this week, Tucker Carlson openly and freely talked about the perverted elite who think the sexualization of small children is clever. He began by discussing Jeffrey Epstein and then went on to Balenciaga and their kiddie porn ad.

Almost no one was outraged or concerned about the ad. Balenciaga spoke publicly briefly. They said they’d punish the photographer who simply shot the photos. The ad was pulled, and that was the end of that.

Tucker’s concern is that sexualizing children is now acceptable and is incorporated into the LGBTQIA+Pride ideology.

If you don’t go along, you’re defaming people.

There’s more in the clip, but most shockingly, he came up with evidence that pedophilia is becoming acceptable. If you complain about the sexualization of children, you will be punished. If you disagree, you are far-right and an anti-trans activist.

A former NSA analyst Frank Figulizzi told MSNBC host Stephen Hayes that people who complain should “face civil consequences” from the victims.

If you complain about the sexualization of children, you should go on trial for it.

This is sick stuff.


We get banned for saying they’re groomers, but they’re groomers.

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1 year ago

You really have to be a sick person to sexualize young children, but it seems like the whole Alphabet Soup Cult is all for it. What’s worse is how the Fake Media is always defending the Alphabet Soup Cult. A serious problem with the Alphabet Soup Cult is that they can’t have their own children an so Covet the children of others. That’s just plain sick! I have to wonder that at least some of the Attacks on the Alphabet Soup Cult is retaliation for messing up some of these people’s lives when they realize that they were groomed into trying to live a lie.

1 year ago

I must be anti-voting rights. I don’t think children should vote.