Website Openly Promotes Voter Fraud to Hand Merkel the Election


The German website Votebuddy is openly looking to match people who have a right to vote but don’t vote with aliens who want to vote but cannot.

They are likely leftists hoping to ensure Merkel wins in the upcoming election Ince they want to give aliens the vote illegally.

On their website, they describe themselves as, “We are a young start-up that was founded in 2017 in Berlin. In the tradition of siocial [sic] enterpreneurship our company aims to solve a communal problem and helps bring social change.”

They know it’s illegal but do it anyway: “Under German law vote exchange is illegal. This is why our company is based in New York City and our website is hosted on US servers.”

Germans need to shut this down but does their government have any interest in doing that?

There was a leftist group that was planning this in the United States. It’s something we should watch our for here.

h/t Armstrong Economics

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