WEF Has a Plan to Control AI Globally


The World Economic Forum (WEF) demands governments worldwide regulate artificial intelligence (AI) technology to be “inclusive.”

Klaus Schwab’s globalist WEF is raising concerns about AI “deep fakes” and the “harms” that they can cause due to “misinformation.”

He’s right about deepfakes. They can create an entire fake video with eight seconds of a person speaking. They can do it with audio alone, too, of course.

Don’t think for a minute that the Schwab organization will do it the way most Americans think it should be done. Whenever they are involved, it’s to take control.

They are raising the alarms to an extreme level and have the solution. Let the WEF lead the way in ethically and inclusively setting AI parameters.

The WEF is concerned about cybersecurity, online content, and banking. Schwab’s group is worried about the identity theft of celebrities and politicians. Between 2019 and 2020, the number of deepfake online content increased by 900%, they say. WEF got that info from Estonia. There is always some company with the info they can use to back up their push for ultimate control of everything.

The WEF even has a “toolkit for human resources.”

“By developing AI standards for children, the Forum is creating actionable guidelines to educate, empower and protect children and youth,” a post on WEF’s website says.

As you might expect, WEF is putting itself in the center of control. Schwab is seizing the day, and his goal is always one world government.

“In partnership with the UK government, the Forum created a set of procurement recommendations designed to unlock public-sector adoption of responsible AI,” the article continues.

Don’t think he can’t make it happen. Over 100 companies, governments, civil society, and academic organizations have joined WEF’s Global AI Action Alliance.

The WEF promises to “accelerate the adoption of responsible AI in the global public interest.”

The bottom line is they want to control the technology.

If you want a global WOKE government, Schwab and WEF are it.

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8 months ago

The World Economic Forum Cult is worried about AI being turned on them! AI has the potential to crack encryption used by WEF players and expose their plans. It has the power to monitor them in real time. It is a Technology that the WEF doesn’t have control over.