WEF Operative, Unpopular Dutch Prime Minister to Head NATO


The globalist who spent fourteen years ruining the Netherlands as Prime Minister is the secretary-general of NATO. He will be a good soldier for the World Economic Forum.

Will WEF have outsized influence over NATO?

He wasn’t always unpopular. However, he’s leaving the Dutch with a bitter taste after he did the WEF’s bidding and attempted to cancel 3,000 farms in the name of climate change.


“It is a tremendous honor to be appointed secretary-general of NATO. The alliance is and will remain the cornerstone of our collective security,” Mr. Rutte said Wednesday shortly after NATO announced his selection. “Leading this organization is a responsibility I do not take lightly.”

NATO’s secretary-general is the alliance’s top international civil servant. He is responsible for chairing all major committees and ensuring the implementation of decisions. The person is also the principal spokesperson for the 32-national alliance and head of the organization’s international staff, reports The Washington Times.

“Mark is a true transatlanticist, a strong leader and a consensus-builder. I wish him every success as we continue to strengthen NATO,” Mr. Stoltenberg said Wednesday in a statement. “I know I am leaving NATO in good hands.”

Klaus Schwab and Mark Rutte

Rutte posted his glee on X. “It is a tremendous honour to be appointed Secretary-General of NATO. The Alliance is and will remain the cornerstone of our collective security. Leading this organisation is a responsibility I do not take lightly. I’m grateful to all the Allies for placing their trust in me. I look forward to taking up the position with great vigour in October, as successor to @jensstoltenberg, who has provided NATO with outstanding leadership for the past 10 years, and for whom I have always had great admiration.”

Stoltenberg was a puppet.

We have to give Rutte a chance and be hopeful.

At least the Dutch got rid of him. He’s been forcing farmers to sell their land to the government or lose their land entirely, and he’s been losing big in elections. His appointment is the Peter Principle at work.

Falling Up After Hurting Dutch Farmers

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