WH Correspondent Thinks You Can’t Be a Billionaire If You Don’t Earn a Billion Dollars a Year


We have reporters in the White House who haven’t a clue about economics. Donald Trump is worth billions, makes over a hundred million in a year, follows tax law religiously, and he winds up as the left’s poster boy for failure.

This could be why our country is in economic difficulties and 20 trillion in debt after eight years of leftist rule.

White House correspondent April D. Ryan thinks you can’t be a billionaire if you don’t earn a billion dollars a year. She should not be allowed anywhere near the White House.

Comedian Amy Schumer says her “p*ssy . . . smells like a small barnyard animal. Not a f*ked-up llama but a goat at a small petting zoo. That’s on its best day” and runs around writing open letters to her vagina and she is a symbol of success for the left.

Maybe April D. Ryan studied Common Core math before she came up with this tweet.

We just noticed she protected her tweets but it’s okay, we saved a screenshot!

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rod martin
rod martin
6 years ago

Maybe the press should be required to show tax returns