WH to release guidelines for relaxing social distancing.


The White House plans to release guidelines Thursday to inform states on how to relax coronavirus restrictions and reopen businesses.

President Trump announced the plans during a news conference Wednesday, citing data indicating that the United States has passed the peak of COVID-19 cases nationwide.

The decision on what individual states do, however, will be with the governors across the country.

“The battle continues but the data suggests that nationwide we have passed the peak on new cases,” Trump said at a news conference in the White House Rose Garden.

“These encouraging developments have put us in a very strong position to finalize guidelines on states for reopening the country,” the president continued, adding that the White House would outline the guidelines during a news conference Thursday afternoon.

He said the announcement would come after he and Vice President Pence hold calls with governors.

“We miss everything,” Trump said Wednesday. “We want to get back.”

The health ‘experts’ warn it might be too soon.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House coronavirus task force, said in an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday that the U.S. doesn’t currently have the capabilities in place to begin reopening the economy and described a May 1 target date as “a bit overly optimistic” for many parts of the country.

Dr. Fauci is Dr. Doom and he has been wrong about everything.

Trump touted U.S. testing capabilities during Wednesday’s briefing, saying the country had surpassed 3.3 million completed tests and describing medical advances as “critical” to progress.

He pointed to declining cases in the New York metro area, flattening infection curves in Detroit and Denver, and encouraging signs in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore as evidence social distancing was working to reduce the spread of the virus.

Allegedly, financial executives warned that the testing has to be in place.

Some of the demands by governors like Newsom are unrealistic.

Trump insisted the administration could take “very strong action” if it opposed what a governor does to open up, adding that the federal government could “close down what they’re doing.”


FEMA and the CDC are planning the phased reopening of the U.S. beginning in May, according to a leaked document obtained by The Washington Post.

The document, “A Framework for Re-Opening America,” was created by officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Emergency Management Agency and appeared to be an early draft focused solely on the public-health aspect of the larger strategy for lifting the harshest measures and restarting the US economy.

The re-opening will vary by state and would begin with schools and other childcare facilities.

It would require states to show that their incidence of infection is “genuinely low” and that they have the capacity to monitor cases, treat existing cases, and react to a surge in new cases.

The agencies nevertheless acknowledged the plan “will entail a significant risk of resurgence of the virus.”

But one official told The Post, however, that President Donald Trump was fixed on lifting lockdowns after May 1 and that officials were scrambling to do what they could to ensure that doing so would not lead to a huge surge in new cases.


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