WH: We Pay $6 for Gas for the Future of the Liberal World Order


Biden‘s economic advisor Brian Deese explains Biden’s New Liberal World Order policies are more important than Americans not having the money to fill up their tanks. “This is about the future of the Liberal World Order and we have to stand firm” is Deese’s response to the extremely high gas prices.

In other words, Deese says suck it up, the future of the New Liberal World Order is more important.

Instead of using the word ‘liberal’, they need to change that to leftist or far-left or globalist or fascist.

The Left is using the phrase Liberal World Order in place of New World Order so they can call anyone who recognizes it for what it is – a conspiracy theorist. These people are no liberals and there is no future with them.


Trump was damaging the Liberal World Order:


“New World Order” “Liberal New World Order” “Liberal World Order” and “Liberal Global Order” all refer to the same New World Order and are synonyms for a feudalistic system under the rule of a relatively few globalist elites who operate through the UN.

If it means a world with no sovereign nations, a world of globalist progressives with expensive energy, food shortages, crime-ridden societies, no freedom, no women – no genders, sexualized children, no private ownership of land, climate change hysteria, contagion hysteria, a land of superhumans where nothing is natural, count me out.

To encapsulate the 4th Industrial Revolution of the New Liberal World Order (they’re not talking about hip replacements. They have injections for the brain):

Biden wants to lead the future – the New Liberal World Order:

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago, pledged allegiance to the New World Order aka Liberal (leftist) World Order.

This Ukraine MP is fighting for the New Liberal World order:


The Left is now trying to tell people the New World Order is a conspiracy theory and they’re talking about a liberal world or international order that began during World War II.

In other words, they want you to believe The Greatest Generation believed in Marxism, the very thing they fought against.

In fact the Liberal World Order we see now begin after the Cold War.

Ther is nothing liberal about these people. Liberalism is dead and in its place, we have totalitarians and fascists.

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