Are the Vaccinated the Super Spreaders?


The vaccinated are causing the super spread and evolution of COVID according to Boriquagto. I’ve included a summary of his explanation here but go to the substack and see what you think. We’d love to hear your opinion. Boriquagato contends COVID is spreading fast and it’s vaccinated people who are causing it because the vaccines weakened them. Boriquagato backs it up with graphs.

“It is the vaccines driving Covid evolution and superspread

and they are failing faster by the day.”

For much of the early COVID, raw cases were used with no controls. They would test a certain number of people, say a thousand, and if the numbers went from 20 COV to 40, they’d say it doubled. That’s a fallacy. They are only using the numbers tested from a flawed test with way too many positives.

Now they’re testing less and cases are undercounted. We’re not down 25%, we’re up 100%. The counts are masked by plummeting testing rates.

What appears to be happening is prior to vaccination, peaks were lower than the prior year. Since vaccination, they have ALL been higher. And the extent to which they are higher is increasing with each peak.

What corrected charts show is this is not herd immunity. It’s the herd getting more and more vulnerable. 

And that does not happen like this in the wild. not at this magnitude.

This chart shows you that as omicron hit, the risk ratios for the vaxxed and especially for the boosted blew out. they were not only far above the unvaxxed, but were rising higher and higher by the month. the confluence here is past provocative.


The vaccines are driving COVID evolution and the superspread. Also, they are failing faster by the day.

The reported case data is masking this, but the magnitude of what’s starting to happen will be too big to hide from the general public much longer.

When you’re quad vaxxed and on your fifth round of covid and it feels worse than your fourth, even the stalwart “trust the experts” crowd starts to notice…

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