What Atlanta Looks Like So Far with Far Less Police


Society is responsible for us, because racism is so systemic. Well, that’s a corruption, and I know it’s a corruption, because the truth of the matter is blacks have never been less oppressed than they are today. Opportunity is around every corner. In all of this, no one ever stops to say, well, you’re unhappy with where minorities are at in American life, and blacks continue to be at the bottom of most socioeconomic measures. You’re unhappy about that. Well, why don’t you take some responsibility for that? Why don’t you take more responsibility? I would be happy to look at all the usual bad guys, the police and so forth, if we had the nerve, the courage to look at black people. To look at black Americans, minority Americans, and say, you’re not carrying your own weight.

~ Dr. Shelby Steele, black scholar

Atlanta is beginning to see what life will be like when they defund or simply never back the police. The sickout is real and the Union president says, they’ve just “had enough.” They feel they have been “betrayed.”

Atlanta and all blue cities don’t need police, just social workers and ambassadors.

Troublemakers in far-left groups are paying Black Lives Matter to travel to Atlanta, but we’re sure the police won’t be needed.


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