What the ‘Pro-Palestine’ Americans Are Saying Outside the WH


A banking CEO posted this on LinkedIn to Raise Awareness.

This speech was given in front of the White House.

The CEO asks:

Why is the American government allowing a protest intended to encourage actions to overthrow the American administration and recruit young people into martyrdom?

Dear Americans, 09/11 happened only 23 years ago… “A nation that does not know its past, its present is poor, and its future is shrouded in fog.”

These people are disrespecting America as if America hasn’t afforded them a better life for their families.

They have zero gratitude for America, which has afforded them in their life freedoms and opportunities that their countries would have never been able to give them.

[The clip and comments were posted on the LinkedIn U.S. Department of Homeland Security, DHS (and global security topics) Public Group.

This is what they are fighting for:

Last week, this man was outside the White House, encouraging vulnerable youth to become suicide bombers and take down the US.

Watch the entire clip here.

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