What You Didn’t Know About the Failed Border Bill


There is information you must know what was in the failed border bill because our lawmakers said they might bring it back in another form. I imagine you don’t know how much this bill would fund countries worldwide.

You need to know about a lesser-known item in the failed border bill: the US pays countries to take back its citizens.

Text from the Senate border bill:

For an additional amount for the “Economic Support Fund.

$415,000,000, to remain available until September 30, 2026: Provided, That of the total amount made available under this heading in this Act, $230,000,000 shall be made available to increase foreign country capacity to accept and integrate returned and removed individuals, which shall be administered in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, including to address partner government requests that enable the achievement of such objectives, as appropriate.”

US Capitol, Pixabay, DC

P. 85 on this link:

In other words, we have to pay the illegal aliens’ country of origin to take its own citizens back. This is a giveaway to mostly communist and terrorist countries. Trump got them to do it for free. To top that, Alejandro is in charge of it.

Another $186,000,000 will be spent reducing “irregular” migration, which could just mean they will do it more orderly.

You should know that the “Economic Support Fund” is a catchall for wild spending globally to allegedly spread human rights and democracy. It’s a globalist behemoth that spends US tax dollars all over the world and grows the US government. It is in so many of our bills.

Your elected representatives are selling you out.

Additionally, the bill cuts the codified, allowable 5,000 illegal aliens a day, but it would be up to Joe Biden in the end.

I already mentioned that the bill has a special provision for asylum. Asylum is a path to citizenship. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, open-borders Mayorkas, would have the ultimate power over who gets asylum.

It basically gives all Afghans a path to citizenship.

Other problems with the so-called bipartisan border bill — that was really all about money for Ukraine — as delineated by Heritage: Continues “catch and release” and guts the mandatory detention statute; expands and codifies Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’s mass parole abuse; continues to encourage asylum fraud and accelerates work permits; ccepts and codifies crisis levels of daily illegal immigration.

What a deal! Oh, and by the way, the major negotiator, Democrat Rep. Chris Murphy of Connecticut, is on Biden’s National Advisory Board. He only works for him.

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8 days ago

Can it used to send the Amish back to Africa?

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 days ago

It was an awful bill in every way. It shows the incredible betrayal and corruption in DC. The GOP could not allow it and expect to win this year. Of course, Mitch’s RINO gang does not care much about winning, to them a win is to support their personal interests. I wonder if McCarthy would have blocked it as Johnson did?

The bill came at a very bad time for DC, with the rebellion in Texas which has been supported by other states. For the bill to be brought up at such an inopportune time shows that the bill was a ploy to rescue Biden and the dems. Sure, they would have loved to pass it, but they also sought a way to blame conservatives as if they do not want border security.

Have Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, or Vic Hanson commented on this bill yet? Or do they wait until it would be too embarrassing for them to not comment on it? These are people who are very hesitant to criticize anything from our corrupt establishment and the RINOs. This shows where their loyalties are, not with America. They will never be early on these things, as should be expected from respected experts.

Last edited 9 days ago by The Prisoner