What’s Happening With Judge Napolitano


Judge Andrew Napolitano is off the air but a Fox News “colleague” is quoted by Politico as saying the judge claims he is still a candidate for the Supreme Court.

The LA Times reported that Judge Nap has been “removed from the air indefinitely” after he said more than once that Fox News had been told by three sources that British intelligence helped the Obama administration spy on the Trump team. Sean Spicer repeated it at a presser, saying it came from Fox News.

It caused a bit of an international incident with the British taking offense.

That comment seemed to come from the somewhat disgraced Larry Johnson and an RT article. Fox denied being given that information.



Napolitano allegedly insists that he’s still “on Trump’s List” for a Supreme Court nomination. However, that is not what is being reported.

Politico reported that People familiar with the president’s thinking dismissed the idea that Napolitano is being considered for a Supreme Court nomination. “The president already has a list of highly qualified contenders for future SCOTUS openings, and Judge Napolitano is not on it,” said a person close to the White House.

The judge is said to have told a colleague that Trump promised him the next Supreme Court seat “if I get another one.”

It’s unlikely the President would pick the 66-year old for the bench. These are lifetime jobs and it would be a missed opportunity. Younger judges are always selected. He also doesn’t have the resume for it and wasn’t on the carefully-prepared original list because he’s a hardcore libertarian which Trump is not.

Napolitano would never be confirmed and everyone knows that, including the judge.

There’s also little reason to believe the judge even said that he was on the list. It sounds more like a smear job, probably by Fox or a Fox colleague. If that’s the case, it doesn’t look good for the Judge’s return to Fox. If the Judge is saying it, he needs to stop.

He has been in hot water before for suggesting 9/11 was an inside job and for hanging with Alex Jones.

We hope the judge makes it back to Fox. He’s interesting and likable if not always perfect.

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