When a Congressional TV Hearing Looks More Soviet Than American


To destroy Donald Trump and his followers, the panel is willing to erode our rule of law, our right to due process, and violate the principles of fairness and equal protection under the law. As for ethics, they don’t seem to have any. They have empowered themselves to obliterate the political opposition with lies, drama, and Soviet-style abuse of power.

They want you to believe the mob that charged into the Capitol are insurrectionists and Donald Trump planned it, led it, and incited it. There is zero evidence of that.

Using common sense alone, how could anyone think that a mob – of unarmed people wielding flag poles – was leading an insurrection? We have soldiers facing real terrorists – actual enemies of the United States – facing down vicious killers who torture and behead people, but we are supposed to believe these rioting people are insurrectionists.

Anyone guilty of hurting the police or vandalizing the Capitol must be held accountable, but they were NOT insurrectionists. They were rioters. Most of the people arrested just paraded around inside the Capitol and were overcharged.

About 50 people are still imprisoned without charges and held without bail. That is unAmerican.


As for token Republican Liz Cheney, she abused her power to push a lie. She said:

“On the morning of January 6, President Donald Trump’s intention was to remain president of the United States, despite the lawful outcome of the 2020 election and in violation of his Constitutional obligation to relinquish power.”

She then blamed him for the attack, saying “President Trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack.”

Cheney just made that up and for all her claims of acting out of piety and constitutional concerns, she is doing the opposite. The rally was planned without Donald Trump. As it grew into a significant force on social media, Donald Trump jumped on to it. He brought out at least hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps over a million.


Alan Dershowitz, a liberal Democrat attorney pointed to the core problem with the J6 panel and their televised show on Spicer & Co. He said it’s not the show they put on. It’s the fact that it is so unfair.


“It was unethical,” he said. “Why was it unethical? Take for example President Trump’s speech on January 6th. I opposed that speech…don’t think it was done well…don’t think he should have done it. But he said at the end of the speech he wanted people to show their voices patriotically and peacefully. They doctored the tape! They edited those words out. If a prosecutor ever did that they’d be disbarred!

“You can’t present part of the tape and deliberately omit the rest of the tape in order to mislead the audience. Especially when the other side has no opportunity to cross-examine. And has no opportunity to put on its own evidence. There is a special obligation not to cheat! Not to defraud the viewers. That’s exactly what they did… And Donald Trump committed no crimes.”

Twitter and Facebook ban people on the Right if they edit a tape, even if it’s just obvious satire. The Left is moving further and further into Stalinism.


Watch comments Mr. Dershowitz made on Rob Schmidt’s show in response to clips from the hearing. Dershowitz noted that lawyers do put on shows and Democrats can do that if they want.
The problem for us with his comment is the drama combined with the one-sided nature of the presentation mocks our government – our rule of law. It’s unseemly for a body of government.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

When our corrupt system holds no one to account for massive malfeasance, that malfeasance continues. Some seem to think it will go away on its own.

This is the preliminary action to indict Trump. I think he will be indicted a few months after this election. It will be a long, noisy and messy affair, timed to thwart his election campaign. This all could have been easily prevented if not for corrupt republicans.

The GOPe may be able to get the party to disallow his name on some state primary ballots, or pass something disallowing Trump to run.

I heard some men on this leftist Chicago ABC radio station Saturday say the hearing proved Trump is guilty of inciting a riot. They say so in their apparent moderate voices. They are manipulating people by reading these scripts.

There was no proof. Chanel Rion of OAN gave a stunning refutation. Cheney read some fiction written for her, citing nothing. That is very dirty, but of course people who execute and support a coup are dirty.