When Slick Willy Clinton Made the US Dependent on Foreign Energy to Reward a Donor


An article on American Thinker by Daniel John Sobieski is well worth the time to read. Titled the, Utah ‘Monument’ as a reward for a Clinton donor, it is an expose of Bill Clinton’s reward to a corrupt donor that falls somewhere between horrendous and traitorous.

President Trump recently returned some decision-making power of Utah land to the state and removed the corrupt middlemen in the D.C. swamp.

Thanks to the two executive orders he signed, the Bears Ears National Monument will shrink 85% to 201,876 acres, and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument will be cut by 39% to 1 million acres. The previous presidents overstepped their authority, President Trump explained.

Half of the West belongs to the federal government, including 48% of California, 69.1% of Alaska, 53.1% of Oregon, 48.1% of Arizona, 42.3% of Wyoming, 41.8% New Mexico, 36.6% of Colorado, 62% of Idaho, 66.5% of Utah and 81% of Nevada.

Only 4% of the land east of the Mississippi is owned by the federal government.

Unfortunately, the Trump orders only refer to lifting restrictions on motorized vehicles and grazing rights. The energy-rich land was put off limits by President Clinton to deprive Americans access to those resources and to reward a political donor.

While much of the land grabbing is due to extreme environmentalists who want the land saved for chickens, frogs and rare weeds, President Clinton is responsible for the first and most massive land grab.

The reason he did it – or at least the evidence points to it being the reason – was to enable one of his donors to be enriched by billions or even trillions of dollars. This was before the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation existed.

One of the main reasons America is energy dependent on foreign sources traces to September 18, 1996, when Hillary’s husband Bill grabbed 1.7 million acres of Utah as a new national ‘monument’, the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. His excuse was to preserve the land but that wasn’t his real reason.

The land grab blocked the job-generating coal mine. This wasn’t just any coal mine. Clinton took off the market the largest known deposit of clean-burning coal. The Utah reserve contains the kind of low-sulfur, low-ash, low-polluting coal which can be found in very few places in the world. It burns so cleanly that it meets the requirements of the Clean Air Act without additional technology.

This move was done to reward his donor James Riady who owned the second-largest deposit in the world after Utah. The Indonesian Lippo Group of James Riady is found and strip-mined on the Indonesian island of Kalamantan.

James Riady was the son of Lippo Group owner Mochtar Riady. Young James was found guilty of and paid a multi-million dollar fine for funneling more than $1 million in illegal political contributions through Lippo Bank into various American political campaigns, including Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential run.

Riady’s had a long, corrupt relationship with the Clintons, even extending to donations to the Clinton Foundation.

At the time, Clinton suggested that he intended to block the mine, which some have said could produce high quality coal with a value of $1 trillion.

Clinton grabbed the land without discussing it with any of the Utah officials, not even the governor. The state already had six national monuments, two national recreation areas and all or most of the five national forests. A majority of Utah land was already in federal hands.

“The mother of all land grabs,” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said at the time. Hatch has called what was designated as the Grande Staircase of the Escalante National Monument the “Saudi Arabia of coal.”

Also noteworthy is that much of the coal-rich land in the monument belonged to the school children of Utah, bequeathed to them in 1896. William Jefferson Clinton and his assistant president Hillary Clinton stole billions of dollars in profits from them by closing off the coal.

Phyllis Sorensen, head of the Utah chapter of the National Education Association, called Clinton’s action “felonious assault,” charging that “they are stealing from the schoolchildren of Utah.” Stealing from children to reward Indonesian billionaire donors is a move typical of the Clintons.

It’s really worth reading the article at American Thinker.

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