Where’s Katie? Arizona Has a Temporary Acting Govenror


Katie Hobbs is MIA, and Kimberly Yee is the Acting governor of Arizona. Where is Katie Hobbs? She mysteriously stepped down for one day, why?

Arizona Treasurer Kimberly Yee issued a statement as acting governor.

“I have been notified that I will be serving as acting governor beginning later this evening until midmorning tomorrow. While I am pleased to step into this role, I will refrain from naming directors to the 13 agencies that currently have vacancies and will not call the Arizona legislature into session to confirm them. That being said, I do hope when the governor returns to Arizona, she will promptly name qualified directors to these important state agencies and remove the legal uncertainty that exists for all of the regulatory actions taken by the agencies. I expect to see a swift resolution to this matter so we can get back to getting the work done for Arizona taxpayers. The people of Arizona deserve leaders who follow the rule of law.”

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