While We Were Distracted, Biden Declared War


Joe Biden decided on his own, without Congress, that we are at war with Russia over Ukraine. The reason he came up with it is “a great battle for freedom. A battle between democracy and autocracy. Between liberty and repression.” He also says “we need to steel ourselves for the long fight ahead.”

Must we?

If it’s for freedom or democracy, why won’t we let Donbas vote to become independent or not.

In fact, this is a war of the elites playing politics and duking it out. It’s like Battlebots with the elites coming out with their little robots and playing war.

The elites behind this are autocrats. The people didn’t vote for a great battle. The sanctions so far seriously harm the West.

As the elites cancel Russia, they are weakening the economies and the systems of the West.

The energy sanctions against Russia and their Central Bank are about to hit the EU in a dramatic way. Putin wants to get paid in rubles and Europe won’t do it. They want to continue paying in euros and dollars but they’ve Banned Russia from the currency. Putin gave them a deadline of March 31st. After that, the gas will be turned off. Currently, Europe relies on Russia for 40% of its gas. How do you think that will turn out? So far, Germany is telling the people to wear sweaters and to expect gas rationing.

These are wartime standards. Does anyone think this is what the people want?

Now we have to see if Europe caves and pays in rubles. Will they also have to abandon the SWIFT system and use the new system Russia is using? If they do cave and pay in rubles, does that make the ruble an international currency? It would be another dagger in the heart of the West’s financial system and the euro and the dollar.

The banks begged the West not to ban Russia from SWIFT or ban the Central Bank but they decided to react stupidly.

If Europe thinks Putin is bluffing, they’re very naive. They won’t get that Hail Mary pass.

And the ruble has not collapsed as Biden predicted. Do you see any upside for the EU or the US?

The West probably does want regime change but the only regime changes will be in the West when the people realize what their leaders have done.

Again, who gave Biden the right to declare war? Currently, the war is an economic war bordering on a physical confrontation.

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