Zelensky Outs Himself, Says the Answer to Russia’s War Is Green Energy


Ukrainian President Zelensky decided to blast out some climate change propaganda in the middle of the war. It’s quite noticeable that he doesn’t look afraid at all for someone thought he wouldn’t live from day-to-day. He even found time to talk about the Build Back Better agenda.

He has the solution for the war and it’s not to negotiate peace. It’s to push green energy to undermine Russia.

While Russia bombs his fellow countrymen, he’s spreading Great Reset propaganda. In a video at The Recount, he urged the NATO alliance to Build Back Better.

No serious-minded, intelligent person thinks that eliminating fossil fuels and going to useless solar and windmills is a way to fight Russia.

He’s no hero. Zelensky is a tool of larger forces, perhaps Klaus Schwab, George Soros, the WEF, the Biden Regime, the US Deep State, Obama, or the CIA.

Who did I leave out?

It’s not as if the WEF and the Biden Regime have hidden their intentions, but this ‘hero’ of Ukraine just outted himself.

This is not normal.

He spoke to the WEF. Climate change and digital ID were on the menu and on his government website.


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Pour le Mérite
Pour le Mérite
1 year ago

LMFAO! Mockingbird Enemedia was in Clown World mode stating that Pooty Poot is misinformed according to Joe Tzu’s cheat sheets from the von Clausewitz memorial choom faculty lounge.
This because they aren’t going Stalingrad on Kiev.
I don’t feel bad for the mushroom zombies who still watch that fake newz horseshit and believe it when it is comedy or entertainment for the after dinner laugh.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

There was no longer any doubt that Zelensky is a NWO agent. Reciting NWO propaganda is icing on the cake.

i read reports that he has an estate in Florida worth $23 million, and that he has hundreds of millions in assets deposited in Latin America. He is a highly paid NWO agent. Also, his profile has other compatibilities with the NWO, since he is a homosexual actor.

So-called green energy cannot remove our dependence on hydrocarbons. This NWO crook is advocating that we destroy our quality of life, become poor, lose mobility, have a recession/depression, to fulfill his corrupt needs. Hydrocarbons produce carbon dioxide and water, both are plant food, hence the fuels are by definition green. Increases in CO2, whatever the cause, show up in larger forests, some scientists claim we are seeing that. CO2 levels were 15 times higher than present during most of history, when ice ages and warming periods were observed. The misfit crook has no moral, ethical or logical arguments to make.

Nothing New Under The Sun
Nothing New Under The Sun
1 year ago

There is no Albert Speer to ignore Nero Scorched Earth order to destroy all infrastructure.
Anyone else would have been executed along with Fegelein.
Hitler DGAF about the Germans as the WAR was lost.
They were just cannon fodder pawns on the geopolitical chessboard.
No, the CPUSA cookie jar isn’t Berlin 1945 but it is part of the “interesting times” curse.
Twilight of the…???

Think It Ain't Illegal Yet
Think It Ain't Illegal Yet
1 year ago

The fabulous actor/comedian Pied Piper Zelensky came out years ago.
Oh…the globull warming scam of zero population growth that the globalists have been prattling on about since the Culture Wars of the Tavistock/Langley 1960’s.
Humans are carbon based so what does zero carbon emissions mean?