White House Democrats Collude with Facebook to Censor Americans


State attorneys recently obtained emails exchanged between Facebook and the Biden regime arranging weekly and/or monthly calls to discuss what to censor on the platform. They collude on who will be silenced. That’s using the power of the State to deprive the citizens of the right to free speech. It’s fascism.

The government is not allowed to collude to shut down free speech. It is illegal and a direct attack on the 1st Amendment. Democrats hate the Bill of Rights.

Every American who has been censored by these social media giants has standing and should file suit. The only problem is it is very expensive to do.

Two days ago, “Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry filed a Joint Statement on Discovery Disputes. They asked the Louisiana District Court to compel the Department of Justice to turn over communications between high-ranking Biden Administration officials from the White House, Department of State, FBI, and others and major social media companies,” according to AG Schmitt’s website.

“The Department of Justice has already turned over communications between several federal officials and social media companies but has refused to provide communications between top-ranking officials and social media companies,” Schmitt said.

Biden Democrats and Facebook have been working together to censor speech since the 2020 campaign. It’s beyond abuse of power and they collude to this day.

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1 year ago

This type of Collusion by Public Officials which directly violates the Constitution and deprives people of Constitutional rights should carry the Death Penalty.

Last edited 1 year ago by GuvGeek