White Women’s Burrito Shop Forced to Close Over Cultural Appropriation


In Portland, Oregon, if white women open a burrito pop-up shop, they will be shut down for cultural appropriation. That is exactly what happened to two women who loved the Mexican burrito and created recipes of their own from those they tried in Mexico.

Kali Wilgus and Liz “LC” Connelly took an impromptu road trip to Puerto Nuevo, Mexico last December and became smitten with the tortillas.

“They are handmade flour tortillas that are stretchy and a little buttery, and best of all, unlimited,” Connelly told the Willamette Week. The two women were “so enamored with the tortillas, they tried to uncover the recipe,” says the article.

The two traveled about asking every tortilla lady about the ingredients. They watched how they kneaded the dough and rolled it out.

When they got back – still “drooling” over the food – they decided to perfect their technique and open Kooks Burritos.

The pop-up was featured in an article,  “Kooks Serves Pop-Up Breakfast Burritos With Handmade Tortillas Out of a Food Cart on Cesar Chavez.”

Within 10 days of the story, Kooks closed because of an enormous attack on yelp and other social media platforms accusing them of cultural appropriation [adopting aspects of a culture that’s not their own].

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Mark Blais
5 years ago

…and if white people proposed a law that enforced such cultural appropriation, they would be against that too. this is a ridiculous situation. those girls were railroaded by narrow minded people.

RebelJim Allen III
5 years ago

So should all non cultural non-minority owned pizzarias, taco shops and chinese restaurants close as well? By this mantra they should. If true what a effed up country we truly have thanks to the PROGRESSIVE American Leftists!