Who Is Behind the Horrific Crocus City Concert Hall Attack


Ukraine and other nations suggest Russia’s Crocus City atrocity was an operation carried out by Russia’s own secret services, launched to facilitate a further tightening of the political regime and a new wave of mobilization. They want you to believe Putin blew up NordStream. Putin droned the Kremlin. Putin bombed his nuclear power plant and now murdered 133 people in the Crocus City Concert Hall right after his re-election. That’s not believable.

The four unintelligent Tajiks didn’t plan the attack, so who did?

Larry Johnson believes the attackers, Tajik migrants, were mercenaries and doesn’t believe the attackers had an ideological bent. In his article, he points to the obvious amateurish aspects of the operation.

For example, “they used the same vehicle to travel to and from the attack site, their movements inside the building demonstrated unsophisticated Close Quarter Battle skills, and they had poor muzzle discipline, which means they had minimal rifle training,” he said.

The media is pushing the ISIS story to keep Ukraine out of it, says Johnson, and they pushed it immediately. The attackers were unintelligent, were looking for a safe haven in Ukraine, and did it for a paltry sum, Johnson said. [We are told the four that were captured were offered $43,000 and were to commit another atrocity.]

Johnson is highly suspicious of the March 7 warning from the State Department. They warned Americans in Moscow to stay away from malls and concert halls. Johnson also made note of Biden’s silence on it.

Larry Johnson also said that ISIS has been destroyed.

Johnson concluded, “Is it possible that some British and/or American intelligence officers had an inkling of what was going to happen? Yes, I think that is highly likely.”

Independent Conservative Reporter Jack Posobiec

“I believe that Ukraine is moving into a period of a new phase of the war,” Posobiec says, “the insurgency phase. And I said specifically that we are going to see terrorist attacks and insurgent attacks using false flag provocations, blame them on somebody else, blame, say this wasn’t us, we don’t have any fingerprints on this.

“Zelinsky just said a couple of days ago that the Russian people need to feel the brunt of this. And Victoria Nuland said with this supplemental funding will ensure Putin faces some nasty surprises. That’s Victoria Nuland, and when Victoria Nuland promises nasty surprises, you get stuff like this just a couple of weeks later.

“Number one, you don’t usually see ISIS jihadis fleeing from the scene of a terror attack. Usually, they want to go down as martyrs. That immediately is all; it’s amazing! You already know this is ISIS, but you can’t tell us who you know who blew up Nord Stream.”

Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden, and Mr. Zelensky are probably capable of anything. How do we explain the State Department’s specific warning on March 7th? They usually don’t know anything.

This is the claim by Putin:

Was this retribution for Alexey Navalny?

We do know that terrorist factions are mercenaries in Ukraine. I previously said our government wouldn’t do this, but that was the government we used to have. I also like to give our government the benefit of the doubt and not rush to judgement.

What do you think?

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