The “Whole World Hates America,” Says Turkish Minister Soylu!


Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has said the “whole world hates America.” Soylu made the comment during a meeting with young people on Tuesday in Istanbul. He said that the United States is losing its global credibility.

Remember when Joe Biden said Donald Trump was making us hated throughout the world?

Make America Great Again!

Minister Soylu thinks there is no such thing as Europe. “Europe is just a train in a convoy made by the Americans, and it’s not something to be exaggerated,” Soylu said.

The world has no love for the United States and the West because of their efforts to impose their culture and values on others, he added.

The interior minister said that he was “not afraid of terrorism” because the activities of terrorists and the efforts necessary to fight them are clear. “But one of the greatest dangers in the world is cultural terrorism, and we are facing cultural terrorism. We are facing a cultural terrorism that’s aimed at destroying the family structure, morality…the civilizations of nations, their history, our religion, our values, traditions, customs, what our mothers and fathers taught us,” Sputnik quoted him as saying.

It sounds like Soylu’s talking about WOKEism and the World Economic Forum. He is also talking about US foreign policies, such as the proxy war with Russia to depose Putin, or our performance in Afghanistan and Vietnam.

We’ve been living off our World War II successes. Fair or unfair, you can say he is not credible, but it is how he feels and how much of the world sees us.

The Odyssey says the reason is our foreign policies:

“But how did the U.S. reach such heights anyway? American political scientist, Samuel P. Huntington states that, “The United States never fought wars on their mainland. They only took care of lives in its country and disregarded those living in other countries.” In order to obtain the power America possesses today, the United States performed a countless number of covert and unjust operations against other countries.”

French President Macron feels that way. He recently made the point that France must go its own way and not be a vassal of the United States.

We don’t work collectively in the US. The US needs to go back to its founding principles of Freedom, the nuclear family, justice, and, I believe, God, or at least god-like values.

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