Why are federal taxpayers expected to pay other peoples’ rent?


There are 9.21 million jobs available yet people aren’t paying their rent. They want the government to pay it. A few leftist groups protested, along with House Democrats, so Biden (Obama-Soros admin?) is putting new restrictions on evictions, reports The Daily Caller.

Why don’t people pay their own rents? What about the landlords? Don’t they deserve to be paid?

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will impose new restrictions on housing evictions following days of protest from House Democrats.

The Post attributed the report to three anonymous people “aware of the matter,” and specific details of what the restrictions might look like have not been released.

Before this, Biden said he didn’t have the power to do it.

While the Biden administration previously extended the moratorium for an additional month in June, the U.S. Supreme Court soon stepped in and said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did not have the authority to extend it further, the newspaper reports.

Biden hasn’t announced what the restrictions are and Psaki wants the states to handle it and put the monkey on their backs.

Legally, Biden can’t do it.

Paying the rent of everyone who protests is communism. This is another plan to divide us. Democrats will support any unpopular cause to separate us.

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2 years ago

Democrats need to buy votes with your Money.

Fanimal Arm
Fanimal Arm
2 years ago

We are all in this together comrade.
Everybody is supposed to help.
Pay your share for the unity collective.
Some are a little more equal, you racist bigot.