Why Is Kimmel Allowed to Mock a Black Man While in Blackface?


Jimmy Kimmel is allegedly a terrific comedian but he appears to be more of a spewer of propaganda. He is always spouting leftist dribble so he’s beloved. However, he has a history that isn’t all that politically correct.

Check out the bizarre skit below. After Kimmel did this unfunny skit, he got an ABC show.

He performed the skit when he hosted “The Man Show”. He also did some gross sexist skits.

Karl Malone, a player for the NBA’s Utah Jazz at the time, would often shoot from the hip when speaking. This skit definitely mocked him and Kimmel did it in blackface.

Where’s the apology??? Why does he have an ABC show?

Valerie Jarrett, the offended ‘victim’ of Roseanne Barr’s joke, wanted her fired and the show off the air. It couldn’t have anything to do with her hatred of the right, could it?

Roseanne says she didn’t even know Jarrett is black. Why not take her at her word? I have no idea if she has a history of lying or if the story is even feasible but generally it’s best to take people at their word. She never seemed bigotted.

How come Wanda Sykes can call Trump an Oranguntan?

Many of us agree with Sarah Sanders.


Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz will be closing all Starbucks stores nationwide on Tuesday for racial bias training. The move is a public relations response to the national outrage that surfaced when footage was released of two black men getting arrested inside a Starbucks and charged with loitering.

In an interview with CNN this morning, Schultz blamed Trump’s rhetoric for giving people “license” to behave in racist ways.

These holier-than-thous don’t care at all when religious people and Trump supporters.

Bob Iger is another one. He’s so superior in his own mind.

Roseanne is not necessarily the right person to represent Trump supporters. Roseanne is Roseanne but the reaction to her in comparison to the reaction when the left shows hate and bigotry is unbearably hypocritical. The double standards is mind-boggling and immoral.

Joe Concha has a good editorial today which you can read on this link.

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