Will Chuck & Nancy, a.k.a. “Chancy” Meet w/Agents re: a “Crisis-Free” Border?


When President Trump returned from Texas he’d concluded a 7 day stretch of meeting both publicly and privately with those guarding our Southern Border.  

Trump’s sit-downs and pressers with agents who are the first line of defense against the flow of illegal immigrants, drugs, and weapons crossing from Mexico into the United States sent a clear message. 

These men and women, who would know best, emphasized that one of the critical elements needed to best protect the nation and themselves is a barrier/wall/fence. 

Even while acknowledging the personal financial discomfort of a delayed paycheck, their statements were powerful and unequivocal.

Meanwhile, Democrat politicians, led by Senate Minority Leader Schumer and Speaker Pelosi remained cloistered, talking amongst themselves and pontificating to an equally cloistered D.C. media. 

Chuck and Nancy, we’ll call them “Chancy” because they’ve proven putting border security in their hands is at best risky and at worst dangerous, remain completely unaffected by the compelling testimonies of law enforcement personnel closest to this crisis.    

Why the silence here, when these two political ambulance chasers have a history of grabbing media attention over issues far less dangerous and volatile? 

Because acknowledging that our porous border causes a rise in murders, drugs, human trafficking, and overall crime is toxic for Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democrat Party.

So do we actually think “Chancy”, in a good faith effort to learn if our Southern Border is truly crisis-free, will meet even privately with our heroic field agents? Not a chance.  



  1. I’ll stick with Frankenschumer & the Vile Old Colostomy Bag. As to the politics of these 2 detestable creatures, it’s all about satisfying the Leftwingtip loonies through their demonstrated hatred of Trump and America and importing illegal votes, now that they have lost the working class. If thousands of “little people” have to be sacrificed in their quest for power due to the drugs, crime and previously eradicated diseases “migrating” across our currently open southern border, that’s a small price THEY’LL have to pay. It means nothing to these ghouls.

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