With no evidence WI says 7 virus cases are from in-person voting


With no evidence, Wisconsin health officials found 7 people who allegedly got the Wuhan Chinese Communist Party Virus from in-person voting.

“The cases involve six voters and one poll worker in Milwaukee, where difficulty finding poll workers forced the city to pare nearly 200 voting locations back to just five, and where voters — some in masks, some with no protection — were forced to wait in long lines for hours,” KWCH reports

Why did they have no protection???

There is zero evidence they contracted the illness from voting.

Guaranteed everyone involved in this is a Democrat (socialist) and they will run with this to get mail-in, ballot harvesting, and online voting.

Voting in the Wisconsin election was a battleground for the fraudulent voting scheme.

The April 7 election, which included a presidential primary as well as a state Supreme Court race and local offices, took place after a legal struggle between Democrats and Republicans.

A day before the election, far-left Democratic Gov. Tony Evers ordered that it be delayed and shifted to all-mail voting, only to be overturned when Republican legislative leaders won an appeal in the state’s conservative-controlled Supreme Court.

The leftists plan to use this as a basis for attacking Republicans.

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