“Entitled Moron” AOC now blames GOP for millions of job losses


Fresh off cheering for the oil crash, thus the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, once known as Sandy Ocasio from Westchester, is lying again. Her constant vicious lies are meant to manipulate the masses.

She claims falsely on Facebook that the Republicans and the Trump administration chose to let millions lose their jobs. In fact, it is Speaker Pelosi who twice delayed two rescue packages.

“Mass unemployment was a choice,” Ocasio-Cortez falsely claimed. “We did not need to lose 20 million jobs. We didn’t. We had options and the option that we chose was to do nothing, despite the fact that we could have done something to save millions of jobs in this country.”

“And so, our political leadership, starting right at the White House and paired right up there with Mitch McConnell, said, hmm, we could take bold action right now to guarantee people’s jobs and guarantee payroll in this country, or we can allow mass unemployment,” Ocasio-Cortez falsely claimed. “And what was allowed to happen, the thing that we chose, not we, but they, chose was mass unemployment and that is going to take years for us to recover from.”

It’s simply not true. Republicans have led on bills to save Americans and American business while Democrats put up roadblocks.



After she celebrated millions of job losses, Tucker called her an “entitled moron,” and told Sandy Ocasio to go back to Westchester.


On the Rachel Maddow show Tuesday evening, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed Republicans “didn’t want to fund hospitals” in response to the coronavirus pandemic and “over one 9/11’s worth” of people died as a result.

As we reported, the legislative delays were strictly Democrats’.

“We are going to pass a small-potatoes bill, and then we are talking about recessing again until May 4,” she said. “The last time we left, again, we lost over one 9/11’s worth of people due to this lack of action. And so we really need to acknowledge that this small bill — again, while something is better than nothing, and frankly, Democrats fought very, very hard to get basic things like testing. Republicans didn’t want to fund hospitals. They didn’t want to fund mass testing, which is what is going to allow us to reopen the economy.”

The testing scheme is meant to delay the re-opening of the economy. And there is nothing “small-potatoes” about another half-trillion-dollar bill with a debt of over $25 trillion. As for hospitals, they have been funded in other bills.



  1. OMG! Like she is like so hawt like, like totes. Derpy derp. Fix me a drink Lexy and shake it baby, don’t get a drop on ya.
    Didn’t esteemed party member comradette Cortez run off Amazon?
    I’m no fan of comrade Bezos and his quest for the United States of Amazon but it was quite a loss of good jobs for the comrades of the glorious people’s collective.

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