Witnesses possibly coming to impeachment as Repubs bow to the enemy


The Washington Examiner reported last night that Sen. Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania is trying making a deal for two witnesses at the impeachment trial, one for Democrats and one for Republicans.

Toomey has discussed the proposal with Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah as well as others. Two Senate Republican aides said Romney was generally supportive of the proposal but had not yet backed any specific plan.

Romney can’t be trusted. It will lead to other witnesses, in my humble opinion. If they call Bolton, for example, and he’s locked down under executive privilege, he could say call so-and-so as a witness, that person can address your question.

Both Romney and Susan Collins are leaning towards calling witnesses. We know there are others.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky is open to the potential deal, telling Senate Republicans to hold off on any witness deal until after Trump’s defense team is done making its case.

There is likely no choice. The RINOs are really Democrats.

Once they give in on witnesses, how do they say there can’t be more? Once that door is open, it stays open. However, there is probably no choice. The votes are likely not there for McConnell.

If Republicans call Hunter or anyone, they will take the Fifth. It’s a loser for Republicans.

There is a lot of hope, however. Senator Rand Paul said on Fox News this morning that 50 Republicans are ready to vote to acquit with one on the fence.

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