Woke corporations unite with government for the return of the feudal lords


It’s now more socially acceptable to work with the CCP, who has literal concentration camps, than it is to make social media posts that criticize the woke left.

Very cool. Much progress and tolerance.

~ Lauren Chen

Many U.S. corporations no longer see themselves as American, therefore, there is no need to follow our Constitution or adhere to our values. They can demand open borders and deceitfully portray themselves as do-gooders defying the nativists.

It’s all for the bottom line. They perfectly represent the soulless globalists, oligarchs who have adopted the Woke nonsense. They do business with Maoist slavers in China and elsewhere because it’s better for their future wealth and power. It’s why they do business with the Democrats now in power.

The bigger they become, the less accountable and more dangerous they are. And bigger they are. Today, Apollo, a private equity firm, bought Verizon, AOL, and Yahoo for $5 billion. The same people will be in charge. Verizon couldn’t grow its media business because Facebook and Google swept the market. The new firm will be known as Yahoo and it will grow.


Many corporations, driven by greed, looked at their best path to the bottom line and found it on the Left. The Right can’t effectively boycott them since it’s gone too far.

If we don’t have someone come forward who can break them up, we are doomed to an America and a world governed by an elite few who will keep the rest of us poor.

The large corporations-Biden government are helping to destroy small businesses because who can compete with slave labor or COV lockdowns?  Bezos was making $13 billion a day at one point during COV as small businesses folded by the thousands.

The elite are fine with slavery. They are not on America’s side, and this is not free trade.

They — corporations, including the media — and our government — are the new feudal lords in an up-and-coming medieval state, allied to reach an amoral end. They talk about income inequality even as their union with the socialist Biden government creates the bulk of it, censoring anyone who dares to disagree.

Corporations-Biden are gouging Americans for taxes as feudal lords once did by going to war to gouge off the land that peasants toiled. The new lords don’t have to fight as they once did. All they have to do is pass a bill, create a rule, send a memo, or threaten us with prison. Who can forget the calls for the imprisonment of climate doubters or tax-free conservative organizations?

It’s never been about racism for the elite. Racism is the tool of the Oligarch.

Reject this authoritarian rule.



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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
2 years ago

This is exactly what J. Edgar Hoover warned about in his book, “Masters of Deceit.”

The Big Show
The Big Show
2 years ago

The neo-feudal corporate tower of Babel cheered on by useless idiots who will get the clue too late along with the muzzle flash up against the wall of equality.
It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of spoiled trust fund LARP poseurs.