WOKE Military to Accept Soldiers Who Faced Behavioral Challenges


The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the Defense Department would allow 700 individuals with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) to serve without a waiver. This might be a bad idea.

ADHD isn’t always just hyperactivity. It’s a syndrome, often including distractibility, impulsivity, and anxiety issues.

They could stop the WOKE training with their silly pronouns to gain more recruits. The military could also rehire all the experienced soldiers fired for not taking the experimental vaccine we now know causes myocardities and more and doesn’t do what they promised.

The WSJ also notes this might provide a pathway for those who have confronted “mental health or other developmental conditions.”

Oh, great.

Under the new rules, a potential recruit who has completed high school or college or successfully held a job without counseling or medication for three years for ADHD would be able to enlist.

So far, so good, but is it wise to stress them out?

That symptom-free period “is reassuring that they would make it through their initial entry training and hopefully have a successful military career,” said Army Lt. Col. Kim Helgemoe, a member of Pentagon’s Accession Policy, an office that sets medical admissions standards across the force.”

“A potential recruit who has in the past been treated for depression or other mental-health ailments, or has taken any medication for such conditions, can join the military only with a waiver. Those waivers can be difficult to obtain as they factor in the recruit’s health, the potential job, and the requirements of the service. A recruit also may not be taking medication upon entering basic training, according to military guidelines.”

Young people with the syndrome will often be very malleable to their WOKE army.  The worst idea is to consider more serious mental problems.

The last time the military did this it was a failure.

“The Pentagon has previously made attempts to relax regulations, which have drawn heavy criticism. During the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, drug offenders and high school dropouts were permitted to enlist with waivers, which resulted in a rise in mental health problems and suicides among the troops.”

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