“Woke” Nancy Pelosi Honors the Wrong Black Hall of Famer on His 90th Birthday


Willie Mays, “The Say Hey Kid”, one of the greatest baseball players of all time turned 90 years old on May 6th.  He became a San Francisco Giant, after that team moved from New York.  He was a brilliant center fielder who could steal bases and hit for average.  In addition, the 5’11” right-handed hitter swatted 606 home runs.

Willie McCovey also played for the San Francisco Giants.  An imposing man, nicknamed “Stretch”,  stood 6’3” and weighed 200 pounds.   He batted left-handed and played first base.  Willie hit 521 career homers.  Like Mays, his friend and former roommate, McCovey was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

San Fran’s own “Mistress of Woke” Nancy Pelosi thought it would be a wonderful gesture, and sure to get her some of the anti-racist love she so craves, if she honored Willie Mays on his 90th birthday.

The problem?  Nan initially posted a picture of her with the wrong Willie.  She’s proudly seen grinning ear to ear with “Stretch” McCovey!  You know, the fellow who did not hit right-handed, play centerfield, or steal bases.  He was in many ways, on a major league level, a very different kind of ballplayer than his teammate.

The most obvious thing they did have in common was the color of their skin.  So it should come as no surprise that a clumsy, shallow, virtue signaler like Pelosi would mix up her Black Hall of Fame honorees, even on one of their birthdays.

Ah, but the non-PC jokes write themselves with gaffe like this.

Someone like Gutfeld could start with the irony of the frequently face-lifted Speaker posing with a fellow nicknamed  “Stretch”.

It would be hilarious if, on the formerly edgy and funny Saturday Night Live, they started writing punch lines as if it were a GOP leader who’d mixed up two famous, very different athletes of color.

All they’d have to do is recycle some of the offensive racist “gags” that were swirling around Dem political circles during their Jim Crow era.

Could it be Nancy Pelosi was flashing back to the days of those Southern Democrat, “Good Ol’ Boys”?



  1. She couldn’t tell a Steve Sax from a Specs Torpercer
    Go wash some feet of the lifetime CPUSA voters and be useful San Fran Nan of the CCP.

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