Woke Navy battalion forced all to hike for gay pride, wave the flag


Whether you agree with gay marriage or not, forcing the military to run around with a flag meant to show ‘pride’ in having sex with members of one’s own sex might be a bridge too far.

The only flag the military should be forced to carry is the US flag. We don’t need them running around with gay flags, straight flags, any flags designating a viewpoint outside the military.

Jim Hoft, the founder of The Gateway Pundit, who just so happens to be a homosexual himself writes:

“The Navy Command of Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit THREE ZERO THREE Mainbody forced all of its members on a gay pride hike last week.

According to a woman whose husband is active duty Navy the attendance on the hike was mandatory.”

WOW, how WOKE!

Go to the Facebook page with the photos.

Don’t tell Xi or Vlad about this!

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