Woman who died in DC was potentially crushed to death


The Washington DC police chief announced the names of the four people who died in the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday — one was from Georgia.

Rosanne Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, died of a medical emergency, Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said in a news conference Thursday morning.

Three other people died in the chaos. One woman, military veteran Ashli Babbitt, was shot by a U.S. Capitol police officer and later died. Babbitt was trying to climb through the broken window of a barricaded doorway inside the Capitol when the officer fired.

Benjamin Phillips, 50, from Greentown, Pennsylvania, died of a stroke, and Kevin Greeson, 55, from Athens, Alabama died of a heart attack.

Late Thursday night, Capitol Police announced one of its officers, Brian D. Sicknick, died from his injuries sustained while engaging with protesters.


A D.C. police spokesperson told Channel 2′s Justin Wilfon reported that Rosanne Boyland was “potentially crushed to death” in the riots at the Capitol yesterday.

In the days leading up to her trip to D.C., Boyland posted strong support for President Donald Trump and others who accused President-elect Joe Biden of stealing the election.

“I know she was very passionate about the way she felt about our president,” said Jo McDonough, who knew Boyland since she was younger.

Boyland shared posts on her Facebook page earlier this week asking those heading to D.C. to bring plenty of supplies.

The NY Post reports that a friend she was with, Justin Winchell, recalled her final moments as protesters began falling over one another.

“I put my arm underneath her and was pulling her out, and then another guy fell on top of her, and another guy was just walking [on top of her],” Winchell told CBS46. “There were people stacked two, three deep … people just crushed.”

He said the clash “basically created a panic, and the police in turn push[ed] back on them, so people started falling.”

Paramedics tried to revive Boyland, 34, but she died.

“I lost a dear, dear friend, an amazing friend,” said Winchell, who drove with Boyland to DC to hear the president speak.

Winchell said he didn’t believe President Trump bore responsibility for his pal’s death.

“She was killed by an incited event, and it was not incited by Trump supporters,” he said.

However, Ms. Boyland’s brother-in-law blamed President Trump.

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3 years ago

It won’t be admitted but Every death was in one way or another caused by police.

Jed Swayze
Jed Swayze
3 years ago

Kennesaw is where being armed is legally mandated. These people are not poseurs as they had enough heart to go in person and they will be remembered as history will be kind to them for having such passion.
Being true to yourself and beliefs is never in vain especially in this corrupt evil fallen world.
In the not afraid to go there department, the shooter of Ashli was African-American and just now read an obscure www page stating that a Russian professor put out a paper in 1997 mentioning that racial tensions are the key to destroying America.
Reminds me of those USSR propaganda videos around the 1984 L.A. Olympics that showed America as some evil racist place as if it is 1964 forever.