WOW! Watch Red’s CCP-style response to the reporter


Red, aka Jen Psaki, refused to give the reporters the actual numbers of people in the White House who are vaccinated and are still catching the virus.

A reporter challenged Red on not releasing the number of breakthrough covid cases among White House staffers:

REPORTER: “Why not just provide the number are you trying to hide something?”

RED: “Why do you need to have that information?”

REPORTER: “Transparency…”

Psaki got her Master’s in Moscow, and they must be so proud of her. They must have been smiling as she said with her usual disdain, “Why do you need to have those numbers.”

Most are asymptomatic, she added.

We want to know, bish, because we pay your salary.

She is unbelievable.

We aren’t going to find out any time soon. Even if they are vaccinated, the truth is that the vaccine makers did say it doesn’t guard against getting it, just helps and makes it less dangerous.

Why doesn’t Red just say that?


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