WOW! WH SPOX Says Fake Buzzfeed News Story “NEWS”


Josh Earnest talking to the press about Buzzfeed's fake news story which Earnest calls news.
Josh Earnest talking to the press about Buzzfeed’s fake news story which Earnest calls news.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest called the fake news story put out by Buzzfeed “NEWS”. The allegations that are backed up with ZERO evidence have been largely debunked and were ignored by most media outlets since last summer.

The Buzzfeed story, besides no evidence, contained lies about three so-called actors in the drama. Read more on the link below.

Earnest said the president was busy when “this news broke”, referring to the fake news story promoted by CNN and Mother Jones, a Soros publication.

The president is “certainly aware of the news reports and has read many of them”, Earnest said.

The president spoke to Lester Holt of NBC News about it, Earnest continued.

Holt was exposed as corrupt in the Wikileaks emails.

Donald Trump wouldn’t take a question from CNN today, calling them fake news. The elites in the media were offended – tough. They need to be knocked down a peg or two. Trump complimented the news agencies that did not publish the fake story concocted by anti-trumpets last summer.

This is the clip with Trump getting into a shouting match with CNN. We believe Trump won but the media isn’t saying that. Listen and decide for yourself.

The next video has four clips about it at today’s presser.

Click the link below for more information.

Sean Spicer Blasts Salacious Fake News Story About Trump

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