WTH! Acting AG Whitaker Might Recuse on Russia Probe Over Dem Pressure


This next story might have your blood boiling. Democrats [Socialists] appear to be on the verge of winning again in the case of the Russia-Trump probe.

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker will consult with the Justice Department ethics officials about “matters that may warrant recusal”, CBS News reports. This is a result of the pressure from the Democrat [Socialist] Party.

The DOJ ethics department has Obama holdovers who are eager to help Whitaker make his decision to step aside from the Mueller investigation.

The Acting AG wants to follow all appropriate policies and procedures.

Whitaker is “fully committed to following all appropriate processes and procedures”, a DOJ spokesperson Kerri Kupac said in a statement Monday. That includes consulting with senior ethics officials about his “oversight responsibilities and matter that may warrant recusal”.

Don’t doubt the pressure — which is mounting — comes from the DOJ as well.


The President’s decision will be tested in court as well.

The New York Times said early Tuesday, Maryland was likely to ask a federal judge to declare that Whitaker’s appointment by President Trump was unconstitutional and illegal and that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein should have gotten the post.

The Maryland judges are activists.

Democrats continually cite a few comments Whitaker made in public.

In an interview with CNN in July 2017, Whitaker suggested the Mueller probe could be starved of its resources. The budget could be cut “so low that his investigation grinds to almost a halt.”

Whitaker also penned an op-ed last year that said Mueller would be straying outside his mandate if he investigated Trump family finances.

Also, in an interview with a talk-radio host, Whitaker maintained there was no evidence of collusion between the Kremlin and the Trump campaign.

None of those comments rise to the level of recusal but the Democrat [Socialist] Party won’t take any chances in their bid to destroy President Trump.

If Whitaker recuses, Rod Rosenstein comes back to provide oversight of the endless Russia probe.

Nothing will stand in the way of Democrat/Socialists destroying this presidency.

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