WTH! GOP Leaders Propose Massive Influx of Low-Skilled Workers


The GOP leaders who are owned by their corporate donors have proposed a massive surge of foreign workers, The Washington Times reported.

Without the wall or securing the border or deporting any of these people here illegally? They are doing this to win over liberal Republicans.

The bill will triple people who “pick crabs, work amusement parks or mow lawns” who can eventually be eligible citizens. It amounts to about 1.35 million more people.

A vote is expected Wednesday, and GOP leaders were making a hard sell to members.

“I want to lean into that vote and do as well as we possibly can on that vote,” House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said.

They won’t say it, but they are hoping to win over some Democrats. It’s a good deal for liberals.

This is the amnesty-compromise bill they have made worse. It will give amnesty to millions.

A “sweetener” for the right is a “requirement of E-Verify, an electronic system for businesses to check that their new hires are in the country legally and eligible to work. Supporters say that will cut down on the jobs magnet that draws illegal immigrants to the U.S.”

Farms and other industries were demanding low-skilled workers to fill their needs.

The seasonal unskilled visas are known as the H-2B visa program. The program is very controversial. Many say it’s corrupt, hurts U.S. workers and depresses the wages of U.S. workers.

It has been used to sell U.S. citizenship.

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